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• Administrator
The data controller is Personnel International BPO sp. z o.o., operating under the brand Personnel International BPO, based in Gliwice 44-100, street Zwycięstwa 52a, registered in Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register by the District Court in Gliwice, Department no X, The Economic division of the national court register, KRS number: 0000326234 (then: “Administrator”).
Data controller and owner the website makes every effort to protect the privacy of people using its websites.
In order to implement the principle to comply with the low, reliable and transparent processing your personal data during use our services, we accept document called Privacy Policy.
Privacy Policy determines how we care about your personal data and your laws.

• The meaning of terms used in the privacy policy.
Candidate – an adult natural person, who uses the services offered by Personnel International BPO sp. z o.o., in services in order to searching a job offers, apply and participation in recruitment processes.
Account- collection of resources and settings created for User within Services used to mservicw management.
Profile- account functionality, which lets User to collection a information, including about his career, education and other skills.
Employers- employers, or career counseling agencies, who is publishing job offer in our services or used our recruitment services.
RODO- Ordinance European Parliament and Council (UE)2016/679, from 27. April 2016. About protect to natural people, about processing of personal data and free flow of this data and repealing the directive 95/46/WE (general data protection regulation).
Service or services – web services belonging to Personnel International BPO sp. z o.o., where we provide our services. Service is on the website:
User- an adult natural person, who has account and/or use from services offers by Personnel International BPO zp. Z o.o. on services.
Unlogged User – an adult natural person, who use services offer by Personnel International BPO spo. Z o.o. on services, which don’t require an account.

• Data protection officer
If you need a contact with Data Protection Officer, please a contact by:

• Purposes of personal data processing and legal grounds.
Administrator processing personal data of Candidate and Workers transerred by contact form, which is available on subpages for the purposes:
– to answer to the extent indicated by you on Contact Form. Personal data processing, by on Contact Form, is on the base your agree (according to article 6. Act 1. Letter a)RODO); Application your personal data is voluntary, but necessary to use our form. If you don’t apply your personal data, you will can’t sent data by contact form. Personal data will be processing by the time to recall agree to processing.
Administrator is processing Candidate’s personal data, who looking for job, sending by register form and register in service on purposes:
-realized recruitment processes and create User’s account. Processing personal data is on the base your agree (according to article 6. Act 1. Letter a)RODO); Application your personal data is voluntary, but necessary to registry in service. If you don’t apply your personal data, you will can’t registry and create account in service. Personal data will be processing by the time to recall agree to processing.
– profiling on Candidate’s personal data – automatic compare your information and automatically fit profile of Candidate for the job’s offers purpose realization services, based on the latest technological solutions. Profiling personal data base on your agree to processing personal data in this regard (according to article 6. In conj. Article 22. Act. 1 and 4 RODO). Personal data will be processing by the time to recall agree to processing.

5. Data Recipients
In connection with processing data in purposes indicated in point 4, your personal data could be share other co-administrators or others:
-recruiters, decisive staff and people responsible for IT, lawyers,
-processors, who processing your personal data behalf Administrator, based on contract about processing personal data.

6. The rights of people whose relating personal data
In connection with processing your personal data by Administrator of Data, you can:
– the rights to access to content of the data, according to article 15 RODO- right get confirmation about processing your personal data, if they are, you could get information: a purpose to processing personal data, categories personal data, information about recipients, whom the data will/was (be) made available, about time processing or about criteria for their determination, about your rights concerning to processing personal data, about possibility of bringing a complaint to the supervisory authority, about source acquire personal data, if them don’t acquire for you and about profiling and automatic processing a decsions;
– the right to rectify data, according to article 16. RODO – if you get information about your personal data, processing by Administrator, are uncorrect, out of date or incomplete, you could a right demad to rectification or supplementation;
– the right to remove personal data, according to article 17. RODO, if you agree to processing personal data, the removal request will have the same effect as the withdrawal of consent;
-the right to limit processing personal data, according to article 18. RODO- you could demand stop the processing personal data, with the exception of their storage in situations if:

• You question the correctness of personal data, for a period in which Administrator will be verify their correctness;

• You question the correctness with a law of processing personal data by Administrator;
• Administrator doesn’t need this data, but those are needed to your to investigate and defend his claims or arrangement;

• You have objected to the processing-until Administrator makes a decision as to the validity of the objection
– the right to object to processing personal data, according to article 21. RODO;
-the right to data portability according to article 20. RODO- receive in a structured, commonly used, machine readable format personal data, that you provided to the data Administrator, if their processing is base on your consent or transfer of this personal data to another administrator indicated by you.

7. Possibility of withdrawing agree
In cases, which processing personal data is about your agree, you can withdrawing agree at any time with sending a withdrawal request on:

8. Processing personal data outside the territory UE
Personal’s data Administrator declares that it won’t transfer this personal data outside the territory UE, unless:
-sooner will get written permission by person, who refers to personal data and provide fulfillment of duties according to RODO about transfer personal data to third countries.
-transfer personal data will be according to standard contractual clauses according to RODO.

9. The right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory corner
In the case recognition this processing your personal data isn’t according to RODO, you have a right a lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

10. Cookies
In order to improve functionality services, Administrator declares uses to cookies mechanism.
Cookies are a files sending on device (computer, smartphone, tablet), where is installed browser, where User browse websites.
Cookies are use by Administrator don’t store any personal data of User. User’s identify isn’t revealed by cookies.
On the based on the information collected Administrator couldn’t create a statistic. Statistics are create in such a way, that individual Users couldn’t be identified. Information which are harvested by Administrator won’t be share to unauthorized people and entities by the rights and authorized to administer services.
On every case the User can block installing cookies or remove cookies, by option in browser. In case of problem User can use help files or contact with browser creator.
Every User, who doesn’t agree to use a cookies, has to modificate a browse settings. User’s system configuration which could use a cookies, it means agree to storage a information by Administration, according to article 173, act. 2 right for a day 16. July 2004- Telecommunications law.

11. Web analytics
The Administrator realizes function to acquire information about the Users, them behavior as follows:
-by acquire cookies,
-by use Google Analytics.
Administrator declares to use Google Analytics, web analytics by Google Inc. (next “Google”). Google Analytics process a cookies, which contains information about browsing websites and User’s system profile (and his IP address).
This information are provide to Google and storaging on servers in United States of America. Google uses this information to purpose evaluation of use Services by User, create reports about Services and provision of services to traffic on websites and use Internet.
Google could hands down this information to third person, but only it’s a right or If this third person process this information on behalf of Google.

12. Profiling
Administrator realizes function how to getting information about Users and compares this information automatic for better compare job offers to User, in order to realization of services based on the latest technologies(use personal data, which Users provided voluntarily).
Personal data will be processing in order to until the consent is withdrawn by User. User has a right to object to be covered by the profiling mechanism. Administrator declares that has technical possibility to object by User.